Shop Hoods TM


By Blockhead LLC

"You Gotta Have One"

Imagine you own a Killer/Hot muscle car. You park your car in your shop. Outside you shop door is your Killer/Hot car's Hood. Your Killer/Hot Paint, and Everything displayed there for all your Buddies to see.

"It's Bad Ass"

Start your collection Today!

All Hood's are collector serial numbered with different display stands. You can rotate the Hood's to your pleasure. Be the envy of the neighborHood and display a, "Shop Hood TM" Today.

When you purchase your New "Shop Hood TM" product, your choosing outstanding customer service and the Best Quality Custom car awning anywhere or available.? "Shop Hood TM" and awnings are designed to enhance and charm the design of any shop, home or Business.

We offer makes in Ford, GM, and Mopar. We will paint to match your favorite classic car. Call for Hood availability.

Superior Fiberglass Hood constructed with steel tubular frames and a easy mounting kit. Maximum strength. Protects entrances, porches and steps from harsh weather conditions.

Also with the purchase is a classic designed swivel shade gooseneck outdoor wall steel fixture. This timeless design has been around for over 50 years and will deliver outstanding light to show off your "Shop Hood TM" for these dark evenings.

Colors: Black, Red, White, Rust, Dark antique bronze and Silver.