Gary and Ellen's 2017 Ecoboost Coupe


I've had a few Mustangs since I could afford my first one, a 1968 coupe with the 289 V8 that I just sold to a lady from Seattle.  I also have owned a 1992 red convertible Fox body feature car with the 5.0, a 2006 black GT premium with the 4.6 V8 and most recently a 2011 GT California Special with the new Coyote 5.0 that I sold last year.   

To put it mildly, I missed having a Mustang in my life that I could drive and enjoy.  When I had a hip replacement last January as I recuperated I found myself looking at Mustangs in the ads and in particular at Gus Johnson Ford.  I researched the offerings at the time ( V6, Ecoboost, and the 5.0) and became enthralled with the Ecoboost, we had purchased a 2015 Ford Escape with the Ecoboost and my F-150 has the Ecoboost in it as well and I was and am very impressed with the turbo technology.  I compared the GT with the Ecoboost side by side, and decided on the Ecoboost.  It had to be a premium package Mustang and I decided on a Ruby Red Metallic paint (Ruby is Ellen's birthstone), it also had to have an automatic and that is what Gus Johnson Ford had on his lot.   

I looked at the Gus Johnson Ford website many times as I was stuck at home and in April I decided to go and look at the Mustang.  Ellen and I test drove it and started the deal making process.  As we were waiting Gus came in to talk with us (he is such a nice gentleman, he has always taken the time to visit with us whenever we've been in) and see what we were doing.  I told him we were buying the 2017 Mustang, he looked at me and said "Gary you must be addicted to Mustangs." We laughed and I guess he was right!   

We love the 2017 Mustang, it has plenty of power and torque, gets great mileage (we've actually hit 40+ mpg) and is comfortable to cruise in.  It has been to its first International Mustang Meet in Helena, MT and on several cruises with our Mustang Club.  I believe that this is the last Mustang I will purchase (insert Ellen's eye roll here) because it is everything we want in a drive for pleasure car. 

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